God only knows…

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Often for me the creative process is a process of seeking and eventually finding. To be quite honest I’m not always sure what I am seeking. Perhaps its all part of a delightful, mysterious, and sometimes challenging conversation with the One who has already found me. When I paint images like this one God only knows why it came about. Although it seems simply illustrated I’m sure there’s more to it than I initially thought.

“Afterwards”, Oil on Wood, 26″x37″


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Into the Darkness

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Actual Size 11 x 11 x 1.75, Acrylic on Board, SOLD

100 Faces of Uganda

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After about fifteen paintings I was planning on a time of reclusion until I finished but I am half way there and very excited to share with you some recently done pieces of my 100 Faces of Uganda project. Honestly it has been getting harder towards the end because of busyness but with every painting I am experiencing a greater sensitivity concerning the heart of God towards the care of orphans. Painting after painting, these faces represent the increasing burning in my heart to serve those in need. There are a lot of successful and famous celebrities that are admired in the spot light, but these children are the real stars. They are the VIP of my heart.

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Seeing the Soul

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At Work

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